Welcome to the Lost Property site!

i-lost-it.co.uk - the lost property site i-lost-it.co.uk is a free site where we can put people who have lost things in touch with people who have found things. We can make it free as we can generate income from advertising. We have tried to make this process as simple as possible so as not to discourage finders from registering what they have found.

We use a simple system of categories to make it easy to register the object you have lost or found, from phones to photos and from wallets to wheels.

i-lost-it - the lost property site

There's a one-off registration which only asks for very basic details, after which you can use our simple form to register lost and found items. From there, we use a matching system to see if the object you have found matches any which have been lost and vice versa. Using email, people who have found objects will be able to see further details on the item (not available on the web site) to confirm the match and arrange collection or delivery.

We do not store address information, just your name, email and password: we do not provide people with your email address, but auto-send an email to you if a potential match has been found. We also ask for users to type in a set of characters from a jumbled image to prevent spammers.

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